The man behind Camden is Cole Weiland of Daughters of the Sun notoriety, but knowing who created “Life of Devotion” makes it no less mysterious. Described by its creator as a meditation on betrayal, it is an album of shrouds: synths veiled in noise and echo; vocals cloaked in reverb. It is a record that requires devotion in its listener – a pulsing, simmering, crackling piece of work that reveals itself only in layers and only to those who listen with intent.


Life Of Devotion

Format CS
Catalog Number MG09
Edition 100
Side A

1. Red Dog Comes Along
2. Void In My Home
3. A Snake’s Poison

Side B

1. Vertigo Emissions (Dub)
2. Devotions

C. Weiland

Vocals & Electronics


Love Jail


Suzanne Pfutzenreuter