For Moon Glyph’s eighth release, the label offers up Dante & the Lobster’s “Wonders”. Appropriately titled, this selection seems to bounce along on a sense of wonderment. Aurally, any of these songs would not sound out of place on a Nuggets compilation, each featuring boyish harmonies and the jangling guitars so prominent in the mid-Sixties. There are moments on this record that might remind listeners almost simultaneously of the Troggs, Comus, the Yardbirds, the 13th Floor Elevators and the Chocolate Watch Band – an impressive feat of psychedelic pop amalgamation.

Dante & The Lobster


Format CS
Catalog Number MG008
Edition 100
Side A

1. Don’t Act That Way
2. Polaroids
3. Wonders
4. Marine Life
5. Girl With Weird Eyes

Side B

1. Wake Up
2. Treading
3. Little Dipper
4. The Mirage


Steve Rosborough