Somewhere, in some alternative reality, there is a film to correspond with Jonathan Delehanty’s “Prisms Opposed to Prudence” – an art-house movie heavy on beautiful imagery, light on narrativity (like a good art-house flick should be). “Prisms”, Moon Glyph’s 7th release, began as Delehanty’s response to a near failing grade he’d earned in a Philosophy of Music class at a local university. But what started as an act of revenge, crystallized into a korg-damaged opus that can be described as a noise-baroque cycle of synth auto-didacticism.

Jonathan Delehanty

Prisms Opposed To Prudence

Format CS
Catalog Number MG007
Edition 100
Side A

1. A Prism Opposed To Prudence
2. The Poorly Tempered Casio
3. La-La Land (The Magical Symphony-Headphoned Smoke On The Stoop)
4. Memorial Daze
5. La-La Land (Theme)
6. La-La Land (Manic Glee!)
7. The Catacombs Of Catanonia

Side B

1. Cosmic Rejoicing At The Reincarnation Of Moondog
2. The Poorly Tempered Casio (Take 152)
3. Assemblage Of Cherubims Conducted By Bach (Just Before Mozart And Orpheus)
4. Mozare Picks Up The Magic Flute Joined By Orpheus On Harpsichord (In Heaven)
5. Swirly Thump Tumble


Steve Rosborough