Ever-changing, Olives (Ross Nervig and Steve Rosborough) return with a third offering, entitled Tremble. If their previous effort was conceived as a musical response to Jorge Luis Borges’ The Book of Imaginary Beings, this new album is an act of hymnal disassembly – a subversion of traditional spiritual song structures and lyrical tropes. Recorded in Des Moines, IA and Minneapolis, MN, with the alacrity that has become typical of the band’s creative habits, the two members of Olives were surprised to to find they’d put to tape a collection of songs bereft of the irony and distance disassembly and subversion often require. Remaining, a remarkably sincere and ecclesiastical cycle of music that proves to be as challenging as it is listenable.



Format CS
Catalog Number MG006
Edition 100
Side A

1. Were You There
2. Michael ‘Dracula’ Goldberg
3. Onan Revisited

Side B

1. St. Sebastian
2. Tremble
3. Glass Olives

Ross Nervig
Steve Rosborough

Guitar, Vocals, Percussion
Synth, Percussion


Steve Rosborough