The peaceful side of the word ‘primordial’ is not often mentioned when discussing music, but it does exist and if it didn’t exist before, it will with the release of Daughters of the Sun’s Ancient of the Ancients. Texturally, the two swathes of music splitting this album evoke an antediluvian pre-dawn, when wildness and stillness were on in the same. The Daughters begin and end Ancient with passages constructed with flutes, chimes and ostensible field recordings that tend to teem and effervesce around the throbbing tribal eruptions at the heart of the cassette.

Daughters Of The Sun

Ancient Of The Ancients

Format CS
Catalog Number MG05
Edition 100
Side A

1. Untitled

Side B

1. Untitled

D.O.T.S. are

R. Walburg
C. Weiland
B. Johnson
N. Koenigs


Collin Gorman Weiland
at Friendship Road


Steve Rosborough