“Songs of the Forest”, the Castles’ first release on the Moon Glyph imprint, is a study in delicate psychedelia. Throughout the album, the group harnesses sounds that harken to the mid-Sixties experimentalism. From beginning to end, it is a collection that houses surprises, such as the killer organ riff buried deep in “The Mole People” and the unexpected trombone in “Songs of the Forest” to name only a few. Recorded between the witching hour and three a.m. over the course of several months, this autumnal record is a revivalist showcase that straddles audacity and restraint with aplomb. Play it and float along.

Magic Castles

Songs Of The Forest

Format CS
Catalog Number MG004
Edition 100
Side A

1. Herbs Of Life
2. The Mole People
3. Wayne-O

Side B

1. Songs Of The Forest
2. Katie Crow
3. Wander

Jason Edmonds
Jeremiah Doering
Noah Skoagerboe
Duane McDowell

Guitars, Fuzz Bass, Keyboards, Percussion & Vocals
Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals on “Katie Crow” & “Wayne-O”
Leslie Organ on “Herbs Of Life”, Vocals
Trombone on “Songs Of The Forest” & “Wander”


Suzanne Pfutzenreuter