Moon Glyph’s sonic template will expand with the release of Velvet Davenport’s “Lemon Drop Square Box”. Kaleidoscopically so. The Minneapolis group cherry picks elements from an idyll when psychedelia was beginning to burgeon mid-1960s. In fourteen paisley minutes, “Lemon Drop Square Box” tells the story of someone opening a box of candy to find baby venus inside and then this fortunate soul must take care of the goddess. The tale is enhanced by the baroque soundings of a group who’ve clearly mastered a blend of record collector homage and a sense of forward-looking fun. The record is in turns jaunty and ruminative, experimental and comforting. The band employs a palatable production showcasing its jangling guitars and cartwheeling organs. Wherever he is, Syd Barrett is smiling.

Velvet Davenport

Lemon Drop Square Box

Format CS
Catalog Number MG003
Edition 100
Side A

1. One
2. Lemon
3. Drop

Side B

1. Two
2. Square
3. Box

Parker Sprout
Samuel Cramer
Sean Hartman
Jonathan Delehanty

Vocals, Guitar, Organ, Bass
Bass, Vocals, Drums
Synth, Drums, Guitar
Backup vocals on “Square”


Aaron Baum
Samuel Cramer


Steve Rosborough