Soothsayer’s debut, Neptune’s Daughter, is a stark product of tensions, tensions that can be mapped through a sonic ether evocative of the deepest ocean depths and/or the far reaches of outerspace. The music can be both cavernous and claustrophobic, sometimes simultaneously. Soothsayer achieves this atmosphere by implementing, above all else, a mature restraint as well as Reverb, synth lines both brittle and crystalline, guitar oscillations and noises not attributable to given instruments. As a whole, the album conjures the act of untethering, pushing off into an expanding cathedral.


Neptune's Daughter

Format CS
Catalog Number MG002
Edition 50
Side A

1. Neptune’s Daughter
2. Luna
3. Our Sunken Shaman

Side B

1. A La Cygnus
2. Arctic Sci-Fi
3. Holy, Holy

Steve Rosborough

Synth, Guitar


Steve Rosborough